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Rebecca Kanfer - Team Paige!

Rebecca Kanfer


My name is Rebecca Kanfer and I am a Sophomore at Staples High School. I am also the Westport Representative on the Friendship Circle Teen Board. For those of you that don’t know, Friendship Circle is an organization that works to unite children with special needs and teenagers together as friends. For the past year and a half, I have spent my Sunday mornings working with a loving, playful, energetic 12 year old named Paige. From playing on the drums to playing with animals such as bunnies and tortoises, Paige has always found a way to brighten my Sunday mornings even on the most dreary days. Through these experiences, I have now formed a loving bond with Paige. Friendship Circle has allowed me to become aware and appreciate others with differences.
I will be participating in the Friendship Circle's Friendship Day and walk on Sunday, May 18 at Westhill High School. Please consider donating in support of individuals with special needs and their families. Thank you for helping me raise money to reach my goal for a cause that means so much to me. I hope to see you all on May 18th!



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