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Some 16 years ago two young men (Elie and Natan) committed to spending an hour a week with Mark. It was the start of a “relationship” that would change our lives. The “relationship” was not only with the teen volunteers, but also with their families and the Friendship Circle staff, who work tirelessly to create a loving and inclusive environment for special needs children and their families.

In fact, the individuals we have met through the Friendship Circle (FC) have become our family. Elie and Natan eventually went off to college. Natan’s younger brother David and his friend Phil took over and visited Mark for 3+ years. When they went off to college, Phil’s cousin Stanley began to visit Mark with his friend Eli, followed by Stanley’s younger brother, Harry and his friend Daniel. Mark was like a treasured “Torah” that was passed lovingly from one friend or family member to another!

Mark studied Hebrew with a FC staff member – Sora Milecki – almost every week for two years at (no cost!) and had his Bar Mitzvah through the Friendship Circle. Many of you joined us for this amazing day, as did almost every one of his volunteers - one even flew back from Israel to attend - and many of their parents and siblings. This is the Friendship Circle community!

Over the years we have shared much happiness with our FC family, tempered by deep loss as well. We miss the warm smile of Natan Warmflash and the boundless love and hospitality of Penny Block. We will try to live up to the example they set for all of us to repair the world – Tikkun Olam.

So please join us in supporting this life-changing organization that provides friendship and support for over 100 families each year with 350 dedicated teen and adult volunteers. The Friendship Circle taught Mark the meaning of friendship and we are forever grateful for the role the FC plays in our lives and that of our shared community. Thank you for your consideration and support.


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Our family is so happy to know your family -- especially glad that Sam & Mark are such good friends!! Thanks for doing such good work for such a wonderful organization.
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Mark - were so proud of your great work for a great cause!
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